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The AMLCC software will help keep Accountants compliant, up to date and trained as well as providing a framework to record all the work undertaken. That’s why the ICPA not only recommend this product but were the first to also provide it completely free to all our members.

Tony Margaretelli, ICPA

The IAB has had such positive feedback from the membership, that the IAB is pleased to recommend AMLCC to all of its Members in Practice as a tool to assist in ensuring compliance with the Anti Money Laundering Regulations. AMLCC is an excellent tool, that has been designed to incorporate not only client due diligence but also assists in taking a risk-based approach. A new function this year is the firm risk assessment which is key in helping members when it comes to applying for their annual renewal for their MLR Supervision.

Janet Jack, IAB

“Yes, we use it extensively and find it easy and practical and straightforward to use.”

Jane Briggs, FCPA, Managing Director of Oakwood Business Consultants

“At Newton and co we use The AMLCC software to comply with the complex world of Money Laundering. This package is a comprehensive answer to the control and administration of MLR . Both me and my staff find it easy to use and a fantastic tool to help comply with the stringent standards of AMLR . I would look no further than this product as it has been well thought out for the Accountancy Practice.  10/10 . “

Mark Newton, Newton & Co Accountants

“As a self-employed bookkeeper the AMLCC is an extremely beneficial tool for me to use in my business.  As an IAB member the product is offered to me free of charge.  I get no lesser service as a result of it being offered to me free.  I am entitled to use the product as if I were a fully paying customer and get full benefit of the on line easy to access service in the knowledge that someone is at the end of the telephone to assist me should I need it.  I find the service easy to access and operate and would highly recommend it to other IAB members.”

IAB Member in Practice

“We have been using the AMLConline product fonearly a year now, and use it both foverification of clients’ identitiesand ensuring that as a practice we meet the standards expected of us in terms of procedures, staff training and reporting, as is now expected ous. We recently had ouPractice Assurance visit by the ICAEW which was really thultimate tesfothe product – oureviewer was impressed with the manuathat is supplied along with the online softwareso much so thahe did nofeel the need to focuhis efforts on money laundering as I expected  he could see we had systems in place and the software showed him clearly that staff were trained in the area – it even told him when they were trained! In summary, I view the products majobenefits as saving time when clients do not have documents with them, a great tool for training staff cost-effectively anmosimportantly being an up to date procedurabible that I can turn to when Im nosure omy obligations and responsibilities.”

Accountant, Plymouth

“I have found AMLCC online service an excellent tool in assisting with meeting our obligations in respect of Anti Money Laundering. There is clear and simple guidance on training staff, and a full package of reports to confirm a client’s identity, perform a risk assessment, and carry out reporting duties. These are all stored online to ensure our company is fully compliant and ready if we receive an inspection from our Monitoring Officer.

We can concentrate on fulfilling our other duties in respect of our clients, secure in the knowledge that we have done everything correctly, and I would have no hesitation in endorsing this service.”

IAB Member in Practice

“I certainly would not wish to be without my AMLCproduct. The method of client verificatioand risk assessment enables me to carroudue diligence with relative ease. Their monthly email is also useful as it contains tips and guidance. Importantly, I also know that I am prepared should be subjected to an inspection,”

Tax Consultant, Kelso

“Following positive feedback from the membership, the IAB is pleased to recommend AMLCC to all of its Members in Practice as an excellent tool to assist in ensuring compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. The great thing about AMLCC is that it has been designed to incorporate not only the client due diligence process required within the Regulations but also assists in taking a risk-based approach, both of these being key when the IAB reviews member returns to apply for or annually renew their MLR Supervision.”

IAB Head Office, IAB

“As a small practice owner, havto ensure that myself and all my staff are fully awarand understand the current legislation regarding money laundering requirements. The Anti-Laundering product provided bAMLCC is easy to use and enables me to fulfil my responsibilities of ensuring my practice is compliant with the regulations withousignificant time input.”

Small Practice Owner, Devon

“Weve already had an HMRC compliance visit thawe passed with flying colours, thanks to AMLCC!”

Accountant, Cheshire

The Smart Way to Stay Compliant and Manage Risk

Are you a UK-based accountant, bookkeeper, tax adviser, insolvency practitioner or auditor (ASP: Accountancy Service Provider)? If so, are you aware of your legal obligations and responsibilities under the Money Laundering Regulations? And are you confident you would pass an inspection by your supervisory body or a visit from law enforcement/HMRC with flying colours?

To help you with your anti-money laundering compliance we have developed an easy-to-use, online support package. Currently used by 1,000s of accountants and bookkeepers across the UK, our package is also recommended by accountancy and bookkeeping professional and membership bodies – many of which offer members a discount to use it.

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