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Deputy MLRO £27.00 + VAT (each)

Staff member £17.00 + VAT (each)

Saveable Bespoke Templates:

£45 + VAT for 1

£90 + VAT for 3

£125 + VAT for 5

£170 + VAT for 8

Client verification £3 + VAT each*

Company Reports £5 + VAT

*discounts available for bulk purchase

The annual subscription fee permits use of the AMLCC service for one year beginning on the date upon which the AMLCC account is activated. No pro-rata discount is given where use of an account is discontinued part way through a year. Additional products added to an account part way through the year are charged at the full annual rate. Unused client verification credits will be carried across to the following year but will not be refunded on termination of the user account.